I would really like to open this blog with a succinct summary of what it will contain, but at this point I’m not 100% sure. Not even 50% sure, actually. I might write about things that make me happy; things that make me sad; or things that make me annoyed/indignant/outraged. I will also hopefully be posting about things I bake. As time goes on maybe I’ll figure it out. I guess you can’t write the blurb before the book’s been written.

(Just as a side note – if you’re thinking, “Why has she used semi-colons in the wrong place?” and thinking badly of me for it, then I’M SORRY. I keep hoping if I use them enough I’ll develop some kind of sense of whether I’m using them right or not. No such luck thus far but I live in hope.)
I will give a few details about myself and my life though, just because…well, just because it feels like a good starting point. I’m not going to give my name, but in time I will come up with a pseudonym of some kind, in case a name is needed for narrative purposes. I’m 21 years old and female. I would normally say I’m a girl because I don’t feel at all grown up enough to be a woman, but saying I’m a 21-year-old girl sounds like a bit of an oxymoron… I’m British and I’m a linguist, studying at university. I’ve just come back to England from a year living in France as part of my course. The year had its highs and its lows. Highs were amazing experiences and amazing friends, and lows included a slip back into disordered eating patterns which I’ve struggled with on and off for 7 or 8 years now. Some of my musings will probably be about things related to this, such as society’s crazy attitude to all things weight-related, which is becoming more obvious and more frustrating to me as time goes by.
I really love baking, and although I’ve recently lost motivation a bit, I’m planning to start again properly (after an ovenless year) and bake some of the things I’ve been cooking up in my head (pun totally intended).
And there you have it. A brief overview of not very much. I realise you cannot really peruse one solitary post, and so there’s not really anywhere to go from here right now, but in time I’m hoping this post will look like the wise elder of the tribe from which all the other members descended. Speaking of descent, this has now descended into rambledom. This was not the plan. Welcome, anyway!


About Izzy

In a bit of a quarter-life quandary.
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